Drive into just about any small town in Maine and you will find a library. Maybe it’s the long, cold winters, or maybe it’s the wonderful mix of ideas and opinions that characterize the Maine personality, or maybe it’s a little of both – the people of Maine support their small libraries enthusiastically. They look upon the library as a place to meet their friends, hear interesting lectures and wonderful music, learn a new skill and, yes…to READ!

Brooksville Free Public Library former libraryNot long ago Brooksville Free Public Library, located in the downeast village of Brooksville, Maine, was housed in a small uninsulated building without a bathroom! But due to the hard work and tenaciousness of a large group of residents, the library now resides in the new Brooksville Town House.

In 1994, a group of volunteers and local school children assembled shelves and moved books from the old library to the new one. Today the library is a large and sunny place, filled with books and other media, with a beautiful conference room and a lovely view overlooking Penobscot Bay and the islands beyond.

There are many reasons why this library is a special place. Thanks to the Maine School and Library Technology Initiative, our small library can now reach out to the world with free high-speed Internet access and because of the generosity of a late Brooksville resident, the library boasts one of the most thoroughly researched and well-organized collections of local genealogy in Maine. We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and learning more about what this unique library has to offer.

Brooksville Public Library

The Brooksville Free Public Library serves a population of year-round and summer residents and visitors. If you’re a Brooksville Free Public Library Patron, we hope you’ll use this site often, to catch up on news about library programs and serviceslinks to other educational and informative sites on the Internet, and to request library materials and information.

We recently expanded our library and added a light-filled children’s section and additional seating and shelf space.

Visit us often, both virtually and in person…we’ll be delighted to see you!